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The winds were angry that night as storm passed overhead. We woke up with our clothes in puddles and our sleeping bags soaked. On top of that our air mattress had deflated during the night and our backs were worse for wear. Outside the blue tarp (you have to have a blue tarp if you live in the great Northwest), was only half standing and our tablecloth had blown away. The sun was out  as if nothing ever happened. As we gathered our things and removed everything out of the tent to dry we decided that tent camping was no longer our style and we wanted to go camping OUR way. We wanted to buy an RV and started to save our money. We bought the tow vehicle and now all we needed was the trailer but alas there was a hiccup in our plan, a baby on the way and a truck that had no room for a car seat. Soon there after another hiccup, a company relocation to California. We lived for 4 years without going camping once. After 4 years the California dream was more of a nightmare and the Pacific Northwest beckoned us once again. We returned home with our 5 year old son plus 2 more and started again. Now here we are 10 years later and we’re on our second RV and are living the rving life and loving it.


My Grandparent’s 1960’s Shasta

Camping is in my blood, and has been since my first camping trip at the ripe age of 2 months. My family has been camping for many years. It started in the 60’s when my grandparents also decided to camp THEIR way and bought their first travel trailer, a Shasta, that they pulled with their big green car. My Mom and her 3 sisters had many adventures in that little trailer, and the subsequent ones thereafter, each a little bigger than the last. The memories they have still to this day play a role as the third generation of kids gets to experience the camping lifestyle. We want to give them the great memories we all have had camping in the hopes they carry on the legacy. I hope someday my sons will be sitting around the campfire telling their children the story of the time that their great grandma got chased by a grizzly in Yellowstone National Park and she had to jump the trailer hitch to get back inside. Or the time when their Mom took a ride down the Wenatchee River with no oars after the motor fell off the boat. Most importantly I would like them to remember the times when all of the family went camping together and all the fun they had with all their cousins, aunts and uncles. I come from a long line of campers and I hope the tradition carries on for generations to come. About Us


Bugsy and Gipper

I’m a stay at home Mom of three boys, ages 13, 12, and 10. They keep me busy! I started making web pages 14 years ago when a special little pug named Gipper came into my  life. He was our first pug, followed a year later by a second, Bugsy. I started dabbling in web design to make websites for my pugs. Over the years I’ve done a few other projects from gaming websites, to church websites, to business websites when I have time to do them. I decided to make this blog shortly after my grandmother died. When my mom and aunts were cleaning out her house getting it ready to sell they came across a huge pile of journals in the attic. My grandmother had kept journals of every camping trip they took, from their site numbers, to the visitors they had, and the people they met. It was an inspiration to me to document our journeys and share our experiences with others. My husband is the product marketing manager for a local bio medical company. He is from Florida, quite a different place then the Northwest. He did not do a lot of camping until he met me but he was in the Navy, a submariner, which could almost count as camping. RV camping is his style though and he’s now a full blow RV enthusiast who is always surfing the RV forums looking for new ideas and things he can do to update our trailer or his truck. He also is always on the lookout for bigger and better rv’s. We have our eye on the Arctic Fox  fifth wheel as our next one in a few years.


Lola and Maggie

Our Rig  Our home away from home is a 2013 Keystone Sprinter 311 BHS. It was an upgrade from our Jayco 26bh which we had purchased 2 years earlier. We loved the Jayco but found that it was a bit too small for our growing boys so we took the plunge and upgraded to a bigger one. We were camping a lot more than we expected and figured if we were going to be out all the time in it we better make it liveable for more than just weekend excursions. It made a huge difference just having a pop-out and separate bunks for all 3 boys.  No longer do we have to hear fighting over who gets the top bunk. We love our sprinter and are glad we made the jump.  We tow it with our 2012 Chevrolet 3500 diesel, my husband’s pride and joy.


Our Rig

Family Camping Not only is it a tradition to camp in our family it is a great bonding opportunity for us. Before we had an RV we never went anywhere other than a couple of weeks at Disney World. Now we go out at least twice a month in the summer and every time we learn something new. I can not close without mentioning my extended family. My parents, and my aunts and uncles all go camping. They all own RV’s and we go together at least once a year if not more. So along with our Sprinter, we have a Desert Fox toy hauler, a Jayco travel trailer, a Wildcat Sterling 5th wheel, and a Coachman motorhome in our caravan to our destination, where fun prevails around every bend. Nothing beats life on the road with good friends, good food, and family. Camping has changed our life for the better and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope that you enjoy our blog and maybe someday our paths will cross as we pursue this fantastic hobby. Always Remember to camp YOUR way!   Happy Trails!

  • Janet

    Very nice family! Love the Pugs too! 🙂

    • campingourway

      Thanks, we love our pugs too. I want a third but I think I’ll get vetoed! 🙂