Campground Review: Toutle River RV Resort

Toutle River RV Resort

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Toutle River RV Resort 46.325108, -122.916569 (360) 274-8373

Toutle River RV Resort is located just north of Castle Rock, WA roughly 2 hours south of Seattle and an hour north of Portland. Conveniently located just off of I-5 it was a last minute addition to our week long vacation into Oregon. We chose this park as a halfway point between our home to our destination at Cape Lookout in Oregon. Traffic turned this into 4 and a half hour drive leaving us a lot less time then we had planned at this park.



Taken from a campsite across from ours. Literally right next to the freeway.

The location of this park is prime for a stopover for a longer journey. A very convenient stop just right off the freeway. It would be a good base camp to see Mt. St. Helens, although we prefer the closer Silver Cove RV Resort for that. We had seen this park many times before on other trips but the Yelp and Google reviews kept us away but we decided to take a chance and were pleasantly surprised. You see this park is not only right next to I-5, it is also right next to a major railway line (not just one track but two). Knowing that before hand helped when making reservations as I asked for a spot far away from the tracks.

Things to do in the Area:



Site # 166

Keep in mind we are pretty picky about our campsites. We generally do not enjoy RV parks very much due to the parking lot nature of the campsites. This place was no exception to that. If the park were full it would have felt like a parking lot. Luckily we had no neighbors for our one night stay so it felt much larger then that. The sites were all level, grassy (be it brown grass due to the drought), and each had their own table and fire pit. Our site was a pull through which we fit into, just barely, the truck nose was a little closer to the road then we would have liked but it was easy enough to get into for the night.


IMG_7096There is not a whole lot more this place could do for amenities. They have a little for everyone. This could be a true destination park for the activity loving traveler, from the events pavilion for big rallies, or to a nice playground with a huge extra large croquet mallet course this place has it all. They have a really nice pool (you can see it from I-5) with a clubhouse as well. They also have laundry facilities here, saunas, an RV wash, volleyball courts, a karaoke pavilion and an orchard which you can pick fruit from and also something I’ve never seen before, a smokehouse, where you can smoke your own food. There is even stuff for Fido which I’ll talk about below.

Kid Friendly


One of the Volleyball Courts in the park.

Lets face it, kids don’t care about location or how big your campsite is. All they care about is what there is to do. This is a massive park with so many things to do it would be hard to do it all. To start this park is home to the world’s largest croquet court, largest meaning the world’s largest mallets and over sized croquet balls. There is also a very large disc golf course as well as a playground called Ft. Winnebago (cute name!). They also have a squirt gun park next to the playground where you can go to battle between the two fort playgrounds. To top it off they have a fantastic pool. What kid would not want to come here? Sadly we didn’t even get a chance to make it over to the play ground area with our stay as short as it was. Maybe next time?

Pet Friendly This park is super pet friendly with one exception, they do not accept Pit Bulls. This is a frequent insurance problem for these parks where it becomes harder and harder for them to accept liability for what happens with some of the more dangerous (fairly labeled or not) dog breeds. Luckily pugs will never be on the list of not accepted dog breeds at any park, or at least should never be, because who doesn’t love pugs? This park has a unique doggie social area, a big deck where your dogs are allowed to socialize it up with other friendly fur babies. Also in this area is a dog shower, and dog bath area making it easy for us humans to clean them up. On top of this they also have a doggie obstacle course for the cute little buggers to play.

This park is a pretty decent park. I wish we had been there a bit longer so we could have taken a lot more pictures of the many amenities they do have there. For us however this park will simply be a stop over park.  I will add that the yelp and google reviews are really unfair to this place. Yes there are trains, and yes there is highway noise but it isn’t nearly as bad as some of the other reviewers make it out to be. I only heard the train one time in the night and they come about every 30 minutes. If you’re a light sleeper or you get a spot right next to the tracks you may find yourself waking up more (ask for one further away, they are friendly and accommodating.) Have you been to Toutle River Rv Resort. Let us know what you think in the comments below.