Coming out of Hibernation..

What an extra long winter it has been and not because of the weather. We have actually been blessed, or cursed for those who wanted a bit of snow, with a mild winter. We could have gone out all year round this year but it has been a busy 6 months. My better half has had tons of work travel all over the world and my son, and all his sports, have taken up a lot of our time. The good news is that there was a basketball championship in there and sports are winding down now opening up our weekends for camping. But just when we were ready to hit the road we have some plumbing issues again for the second year in a row.

We finally were able to drop off our trailer at Camping World this weekend to fix some of these issues. Here is our list of problems and most of this is not covered under the extended warranty.

  1. Toilet is leaking at the back. The same seal we had fixed last year. This year it is worse. Covered
  2. Kitchen sink faucet is leaking back into the wall of the sink at the pull out part of the faucet. The exact same issue we had last year with the new faucet the put in. Covered
  3. Dinette table is cracked. The table did not fit the brackets properly under the dinette and slid off cracking the edges of the table the very first time we put it down as a bed. This is the table we had replaced last year under warranty because it was bowed. Not Covered
  4. The metal piece attaching the stairs to the RV is cracked. We always have felt the stairs were too unstable and upon inspection discovered a missing bolt and noticed a hairline crack at the corner. Not Covered
  5. The strap holding the outside kitchen fridge to the wall pulled out of the wall. When this happened we had a few pop cans in the fridge that were bounced around breaking the glass shelf. This did not happen on some rural road full of potholes either. We were on I-5 on the easiest stretch of our vacation last year. Only an hour drive on a well maintained freeway. Not Covered
  6. The laminate in the outside kitchen is separating from the counter, similar to last years issue in the bathroom we had fixed.  Not Covered 
  7. Both of the decorative fake leather pieces placed at the end of the dinette have come out of the sides of the dinette. We had that fixed too only to have it immediately come off again. It is simply a bad design and poorly executed. We placed the pieces that came off in the storage under the dinette and when pulling in the slide one of the pieces  slid underneath the dinette storage through a gap and gouged a nice chunk of the linoleum. Not Covered
  8. Both valances on the bedroom windows have pulled out of the wall. Not Covered

We are pretty much to the point where we decided that we simply need to do some DIY work ourselves to the trailer to replace what was cheaply built with quality items. We are going to have my uncle who has a remodeling business and  he did our home kitchen remodel do some work on the RV starting with building us a new table. We will replace all our counter tops eventually with something other than cheap peeling laminate, (I want to go full-out granite but we will see.) We are going to replace both sink faucets with residential faucets and possibly even new sinks. We will also replace the floor. I wanted to go for some nice marble or maybe pure gold! “Price is no object” I told my husband who rolled his eyes at me. We decided we will probably remove all the valances in the trailer and put real curtains in. We have gotten some ideas off pinterest that we want to do both for convenience and looks. We will make the best of it until it is time to buy the next trailer.

When the time comes to buy a new RV we would hesitate on purchasing a Keystone RV again. We had a Jayco before this one and we never had any problems with it. We also feel the Jayco was built better, it was solid. Jaycos tend to have smaller tanks though and as people who actually use our rv shower we need the next RV to have bigger tanks. We want to enjoy the parks that do not have sewer hookups and there are quite a few of them in our state, 3 of which are parks we frequent often. So I do not know if a Jayco is in our future. At the last RV show we went to we saw a newer brand rv by Grand Design RV. We have liked everything we have seen from them so far. It is possible we will go with them or with Arctic Fox. We will see when the time comes and what the reviews say. A 5th wheel is what we may shoot for next time.

In the meantime we will continue our adventures. We have a couple of weekend trips coming up soon and then we hit the road for a week-long trip to the Oregon and Washington Coast. More blog posts to come too covering our trips and some more product reviews. Until then Happy Camping!!

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