Armed with only a camera we wander from place to place taking photos to document our journey. At times we feel like quasi journalists taking pictures of random things at each and every campground. We are not journalists however, we are not professionals. We are just everyday people who enjoy writing about our experiences. This blog was created as not only a way to document our travels but also as a resource to help others learn from our experiences as we travel. All articles and opinions expressed here are our own.

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Product Reviews
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  3. All campground reviews are campgrounds we have actually been to. The reviews are our own from the standards we set when visiting the campground. We are not guaranteeing that our readers will have the same experience at the same campground nor can we be held liable for losses, injury or damages from the use of this information.
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Personal Thoughts

I feel a bit ridiculous having to post all of this but it is necessary in the society we live in today. I assure you as rigid as this all sounds it does not take away from what we hope to accomplish with this site. To provide a family friendly resource for rvers and campers alike and to do so with honor, integrity and honesty. We are thrilled to have you all as readers and we thank you for your support.