Hole in One


Let the games begin!

Maggie jumped around exuberantly as her paws hit the ground after a long drive to this latest campground. It was cooler here then the last place they went. She looked around and saw lots of grass to play in and barked for Lola to come check things out. Lola wasn’t interested much in playing and just wanted to claim her spot on the couch inside the trailer. Maggie was a little sad but proceeded to check out her surroundings while her Mom and Dad set up camp. A crisp breeze was in the air sending all kinds of delicious smells her way. Maggie liked this place.


What is this huge hole!

Later that evening, after Dad grilled the most amazing chicken, Maggie finally got Lola to come explore with her. As Maggie was checking out the longer blades of grass at the edge of the campsite a puff of wind blew past her. She was startled for a bit only to discover it was her big brother flying past her to catch the football. She thought that looked fun and quickly prodded Lola to help chase him down. A good game of chase quickly turned into the Pugtona 500. Round and round they went until Maggie fell face first into a hole. What the heck she thought to herself as Lola helped push her out. She had never seen anything like this and wondered what was down there.


Grand Champion of the Pug Masters Tournament

She looked around and noticed that there was not just one hole but dozens around the campsite. “Curious”, she thought to herself. She started to dig. She wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery. Lola wasn’t interested in digging and went back and laid down by Mom so Maggie was on her own. She kept on digging until Lola whizzed past her chasing her pink ball. That was HER ball and she was having none of that. She quickly forgot about the hole and turned on her pug speed to get her ball back. The battle for the pink ball lasted for a long time each pug having possession of it multiple times. In the end though it was Maggie who scored because after successfully stealing it right out of Lola’s mouth she dropped the ball. With one push of her incredibly smooshed in nose she rolled the ball across the campsite directly into the hole. It was a hole in one and from that day forward pug golf was her new sport.