Kicking off Camping Season 2014

Boy has it been a busy off-season for our family. Between the holidays, kid’s school stuff, kids sports, and re-adjusting to a new routine with a new job for my better half we have got a late start on our camping season. On top of that we’ve had the trailer in the shop getting more warranty work done so we jumped at the first chance we got to take a short weekend trip. What a better place to go then one of our favorite state parks, Rasar State Park.  We love this park and I’m sure there will be plenty more trips there this year (one in August is already on the books). We were lucky to be able to snatch one of the double spots in early March for this trip as my parents came with us with their RV. The park was pretty full which was surprising considering the gloomy weather forecast we had going up there.

We were fortunate with the weather this weekend. The forecast was rain, and a lot of it. Rain doesn’t  deter most Washingtonians however, we were ready for it. We had our Coleman Canopies set up first thing. We lucked out as there was no rain until Saturday night well after we went to bed. The weather being decent allowed us to hang out around camp and go on hikes. The Skagit River Loop Trail is a beautiful hike, easy for anyone to do. It is a great learning experience too for kids as all along the hike are great informational signs explaining all the nature and wildlife around you. It also is a huge open field great for throwing the football to eager young football players.

We had a nice time at Rasar State Park this weekend. Nothing but relaxing and enjoying our beautiful surroundings. We did manage to make one stop to the Birdsview Brewery to fill up our growlers. Beer makes for happy men! We are looking forward to getting out more this year. While Camping World has patched up our warranty issues nicely(our extended warranty has paid off already), we still have some minor issues we will deal with in the fall. We have several trips planned this year, our next one taking us to Oregon. Also, new on our list for the summer is Alder Lake, and Curlew Lake State Park,which only recently opened up to reservations. This year is going to be a busy one and football season (yes, I finally caved and am letting him play tackle football) starts in August for our son eating into camping season. We will manage to take at least one fall trip, back to Grayland Beach State Park with the whole family again in October. It felt great to get out again can’t wait for next time.