Mother’s Day Weekend Bliss

Finally our camping season has begun, two months later then usual.  As luck would have it a three day weekend popped up for us in the middle of the rv repairs at Camping World. Our school district had a teacher walk out and our Friday suddenly opened up for the weekend. So we logged right in to the Washington State Parks reservation system to see what was available on the west side of the mountains and all we saw were booked spots. All booked except for the little green dot at Lake Wenatchee State Park. We normally do not trek to the east side of the mountains this early as sometimes there is still snow on the mountain passes. This year we have had an incredibly dry winter though and as luck would have it the state park opened for reservations early. When we made our reservations the entire park was available.  So we booked our favorite spot #196, and I called my mother to tell her to book theirs too as that was what we were doing for Mother’s Day.

So since our RV was at Camping World with repairs we had to request it be ready to go by Thursday night. I was so nervous the whole week that they would not have it done on time. There was not a whole lot of communication about their progress either, in fact we simply got in the truck on Thursday and drove up there hoping it would be ready. We did get a call as we were driving up though which was a huge sigh of relief. By having to pick up the RV Thursday night our drive time to Lake Wenatchee was doubled by having to go north an hour to pick up the rv then back south an hour, almost to home, to catch Hwy 2 to cross the mountains. The kids were a bit whiney after a 4 hour drive. We didn’t get up there until 7:30 which was the latest we have ever pulled into a campground. Luckily my Dad was already there with a fire going for us.

Oh how I love Lake Wenatchee. I loved it even more this time because there were literally only a handful of people at the park. This was the first time we had been at Lake Wenatchee in all our years of going there when it was so peaceful and quiet. I thought we had hit the jack pot and couldn’t wait to go into Leavenworth to an equally quiet town. Ha ha.. boy was I wrong about that. The annual Maifest was starting that day and while we got there early enough to find parking but when we left it was filling up with tourists and festival goers. We had a good day in Leavenworth and took my mom out for lunch at what has become a tradition at Gustavs. Every time we are there we say we need to try someplace else and every time we go to Gustavs. We are looking for some suggestions on where a good place to go for lunch is in Leavenworth and maybe next time we will go somewhere different. After lunch we did our normal browsing of the stores and it wouldn’t be complete without a trip to A Matter of Taste, where grown men cry after trying hot sauce. Seriously do not ignore the warning signs on the hot sauce, they don’t joke. They also had a funny sign that said they would sell water for $1.00 before you tasted it but it was $25.00 afterwards. I would’ve taken a picture of my husband and son with fire coming out of their ears and noses but they took off down front street in search of  store that had drinks. Ah the simple pleasures of Leavenworth!

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful and quiet and the weather could not have been better. It was in the low 70’s the whole weekend. My aunt and uncle were able to get the weekend off too and came up that Friday evening. More campers trickled in after them and the park maybe was 1/4 full by Friday night. Still quiet, still peaceful, and still perfect. It was so perfect, peaceful, and quiet I was afraid the bears were going to come out and want to eat us. I was extra alert around camp especially when taking the pugs out at 5:30am (Lola has to eat then and she drives everyone crazy until she does). Later that afternoon we took a walk down to the beach to a really calm lake. There were a few kayakers on the water but not much more than that. The lake and river were really low, lower then I have seen in a long time and the mosquitoes were out in full force. Now I remember why we usually wait until August to come to Lake Wenatchee. Our 5 citronella candles were not helping either so we had to bring out the bug zappers although my brother thought zapping me was funnier then then getting the mosquitoes.


It was a great weekend and a perfect Mother’s Day for me. We ended the weekend with a lasso golf tournament (I love our campsite, it has room for everything). As usual Aunt Gail ended up victorious. We all think she has a secret lasso golf practice lair at home now. I will leave you all with an adorable picture of Felix, my Aunt’s 4 month old puppy, a Frenchton (Boston Terrior, French Bulldog mix). Until next time, Happy Camping!