Product Review: Lynx Leveling Blocks by Tri-Lynx

Lynx LevelersLast Christmas I bought both my husband and my dad some Lynx Leveling Blocks to level the rvs when you just can’t find that sweet flat spot at your site. Like kids opening up their favorite gift their eyes lit up when they got these adult size lego blocks to play with. Which it essentially what they are, large blocks that fit together like legos, adjusting to different heights to get your rv perfectly level. Our old method of nicely cut boards, some inherited from my Grandfather’s camping days, were rotting out due to age and weather. It was time for a new solution and these fit the bill perfectly.

We first got to use them at one of our camping trips to Pioneer Trails RV Park. Our spot of choice close to the basketball court for our sons was on a slight hill. After attempting to get the rv leveled without blocks a few times the owner of the park who always helps you get your RV in the spot actually asked if we had lego blocks, yep he asked for legos. He helped us set them up and drive up on them with ease stacking them as needed to get our trailer perfectly level.

IMG_3430The Lynx Levelers come in a nice nylon carrying bag, easily stored in the truck or outside trailer storage. They measure 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 and are 1 1/2 inches thick. They come in different sizes, ours was a pack of 10. We have two packs now and will get more as these can also be used under your stabilizer jacks and trailer hitch which we see a lot of where we store our trailer. Almost every RV in the storage lot(there hundreds of rvs) has these under their stabilizer jacks and trailer hitch, a must have item for every rvr.

What leveling system do you use for your RV? Let us know in the comments below.