Product Review: Orbit Outdoor Mist Cooling System

Orbit Outdoor Mist Cooling System

Orbit Outdoor Mist Cooling System

This summer has been one of the hotter ones in the northwest and several of our trips coincided with heat waves. Our trip to Wanapum State Park was during a record-breaking heat wave with temps over 105+ for 4 days straight. With the National Weather Service posting heat warnings before our trip we tried to think of ways we’d be able to stay cool. We decided that some outdoor misters would do the trick and boy did they ever.


Box Includes everything you need including clips.

We decided on the Orbit Outdoor Mist Cooling System because it was the highest rated system at Amazon. We elected to go with the smaller size to test it out first but in retrospect the bigger size would have been nice as our  misters only covered one side of the awning. You hook up the system right to your water hose. Make sure you have 2-way hose connector and a long enough extra hose. We ran our hose underneath the RV. The nozzles for the mister come in a little bag and the clips to hang them with are included. The nozzles just screw in and you are good to go. We clipped ours to the arm of the awning but they could be clipped onto the awning itself. You can adjust the nozzle in the direction you want preferably facing the direction the wind is blowing. Without our cooling system we would not have been able to enjoy the outdoors in the sweltering heat. It really made sitting outside comfortable and actually cooler than inside the trailer. As an added bonus, our kids and dogs loved them.

How do you keep cool on those hot summer days? Let us know in the comments below.