Rasar State Park: Group Camps


Group Camp Entrance

Rasar State Park has such a fantastic group camp we thought it deserved it’s own page. We have reserved a group camp here twice for our family, once for a retirement party for my Dad. We have had a fantastic time both times we’ve reserved it. It is the best group camp we’ve ever seen.

The park has a separate section for the group camps and cabins. There are 3 group camps, 2 for RVs, and 1 for tenters. They each share a common bathroom and playground area. The playground area has horseshoe pits, a basketball hoop, a big field, and a really nice playground. There is one campground host for this section of the park. You can get ice and firewood at the host site.

Elk Camp: This is the first RV loop. The group camp is set up in a loop around a common area for that camp with a picnic shelter, a large fire pit, and BBQ. There is also a nice center area field to play in. Each campsite has it’s own electric/water hook up. They are arranged around the center area like spokes on a bike wheel. There are 10 really big sites around the central area.

Salmon Camp: This is the second RV camp, adjacent to the Elk Camp and laid out identically with a central area including picnic shelter, fire pit, and bbq. As well as a nice field. Each campsite is arranged around the loop just like the Elk Camp like spokes on a wheel.

 Eagle Camp: This camp is specifically for tenters. Instead of a loop around a center area the entire area is a big field where you can arrange your tents around the picnic shelter and fire pit. Just like the other two camps there is a nice picnic shelter with a lot of electric outlets inside, a big fire pit, and a nice BBQ. This camp has as well 2 electric/water RV sites situated away from the camp via a small trail. The two pull through sites are next to the parking lot where the tenters park their cars.