Sunset on Camping Season 2013

Just like that another camping season has come and gone. We just returned from our last trip of the year, a spectacular fall trip with family and friends to the Washington coast. While I’m sad that it is over I’m looking forward to next year as we are already planning our trips. Our finale of the year took us to Grayland Beach State Park, a park we have been to many times before and a favorite destination in my family. It was a four day weekend as our kids had 2 days off of school so we took advantage of that. We were fortunate to have several other groups with us this time. We took over a loop in the park(minus one spot) with our group and had a fantastic time. The weather was unbelievable, loads of sunshine and warm temperatures. It was a great way to end the year.

We spent our time at Grayland mostly relaxing and enjoying each others company. We took long walks on the beach with all 10 dogs sometimes not even realizing how far we had gone. We joked we were going to walk all the way to Cape Disappointment. The dogs were so happy having the whole beach to themselves. You could see the smiles on all their faces as they raced around full speed only stopping for the treats that my dad or my uncle had with them. There is something about the sand that puts speed into the steps of even the older dogs. Watching our faithful companions let loose and enjoy themselves put smiles on all of our faces.

As much as we loved the beach we didn’t spend all our time there. We did take a couple trips into town. The guys took a trip into town to check out the Bog Water Brewing Company. To their disappointment they did not have any of their local beers available. They did come home with some growlers filled with other beer so it wasn’t a total loss. On Saturday we had planned to go bowling at the Viking Bowl in Westport well again to our disappointment they were closed and as we discovered later so were a lot of local businesses in Westport. If you ever take a trip out this way in the off season do not expect a lot of places to be open. We ended up taking our disappointed kids to town to walk the local shops. There were a few businesses open and we ended up coming home with a big bag of saltwater taffy so those frowns were turned upside down in the end.

We are incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who love camping as much as we do. While we enjoy our trips as a family, camping with a group is special. We have had several trips this year with extended family with several more to come next year and beyond. My grandparents are smiling down on us from up above knowing that the family tradition lives on in all of us. As we spent our evenings this weekend filled with campfires, cookies, coffee(with Baileys) and good company we take comfort in the fact we have a great family and fantastic lifelong friends. Who can ask for more then that? So as the sun sets on the season we look forward to the next chapter of our camping adventures coming soon spring 2014.